Thursday, 22 December 2011

Income for database$$ kaching2!

Many people don't realize the work as a database administrator. This is because database administrator is not a popular job that graduated student want to apply. They prefer a more famous job like software engineer. Many people ask what do database administrators do? why do they exist? did they have a high salary? All this question must have pop up in your mind sometime because in world nowdays people don't want to take risk to apply a job that they seldomly heard about. Now i will tell you a little bit about what do database administrators actually do.

Database administrators is people that use database management software to determine the most efficient ways to organize and access a company's data. They also responsible for maintaining database security and backing up the system.

Database administrators is a fast-growing industry.  Database administrators can expect to earn an annual salary of $48,000 to $85,000.

so student that takes computer science in database system should not worry about finding a job because now days there are a lot of company that want to hire an database administrators.

skills that needed to be database administrators:

  • strong organizational skills
  • strong logical and analytical thinking
  • ability to concentrate and pay close attetion to detail
  • ability to think broadly and consider impacts across system annd within the organization.
A database administrator's activities can be listed as below:
  • Transferring Data
  • Replicating Data
  • Maintaining database and ensuring its availability to users
  • Maintaining the data dictionary
  • Controlling privileges and permissions to database users
  • Monitoring database performance
  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database security Stop
In 2008 there were about 120,400 database administrators.
Database administrators work in every sector of economy. Many work for internet service provider, web search portal and data processing firm.

The number of database administrators is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2018. This is because the Internet and e-commerce will continue to expand, resulting in a continuing need to build and maintain databases. Also, the increasing importance being placed on "cyber security"—the protection of electronic information—will require workers skilled in information security.

Job growth will not be as rapid as during the previous decade. The information technology sector will begin to mature and routine work will increasingly be outsourced overseas.
Those having a college or graduate degree in computer science or a related field will have a good chance of getting a job. Those having a lot of related work experience will also have a good chance.


 so how?? kagum kan ??? =)

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